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Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Arrow Season Three Recurring Cast Member Announced

Source: WhatCulture
From The Wolverine to The CW's hit TV series, Rila Fukushima is certainly doing the rounds!
Entertainment Weekly have today confirmed a new cast member set to feature in a recurring capacity in the third season of The CW's now-beloved superhero drama Arrow. Starring Stephen Amell and John Barrowman, the series (which, for reasons unbeknownst to everyone outside of Warner Bros., remains separated from the still-blossoming DC Cinematic Universe in continuity terms) chronicles the rise of the Green Arrow and his ongoing mission to bring down the criminals who threaten to tear Starling City (not to mention his own family) apart.

Not so long ago, we revealed that Devon Aoki (a performer best known for her work in Sin City) would be joining the cast ensemble of perhaps the finest televised superhero programme to date, yet it transpires that (due to scheduling difficulties) Rila Fukushima will be replacing her in the role of Katana, an iconic DC antagonist who'll have a prominent presence in the flashback sequences of the much-anticipated third run. Whilst Fukushima's name mightn't initially ring a bell for some readers, we're pretty sure that if we mention the fact that she starred as Logan's partner-in-crime in 20th Century Fox's 2013 X-Men blockbuster The Wolverine, all will become that much clearer. The extent to which she'll feature has yet to be confirmed by The CW (and, indeed, our guess would be that we won't know for certain until the season has commenced broadcasting), yet given the esteem in which she's no doubt held by various superhero fandoms, odds are that hers will be a more substantial presence than most of the programme's semi-regular supporting players. Stay tuned for more on Arrow and its impending spin-off The Flash right here at On-Screen in the next few days...

Arrow will return with its adrenaline-fuelled third season this October 8th on The CW (in the US) and this Autumn on Sky1 (here in the UK).

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