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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blade Runner & Prometheus Sequels Production Details Revealed

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Like it or not, Noomi Rapace WILL be carrying Michael Fassbender's decapitated head to new realms.
British director Ridley Scott has today revealed details on the potential production of follow-ups to two of his best-selling motion pictures. Best known for his work as the helmer of classic blockbusters such as Alien, Scott is currently putting the finishing touches to Exodus: Gods and Kings, a new semi-religious action movie starring Christian Bale, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and The Great Gatsby's Joel Edgerton.

Nevertheless, the beloved industry icon's fandom are doubtless far more intrigued by his recent comments regarding the development of sequels to both Blade Runner (1982) and Prometheus (2012). Although the former project had until recently been regarded by most as merely an idyllic fantasy which Scott had conceived so as to appease his followers' regularly-expressed desires yet would never find the time to make a reality, as it transpires, Blade Runner 2 (as we'll brand it until we hear otherwise from an official source) could be happening first! Here's what Scott had to say on the matter in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly: "[Blade Runner 2 is] written and it's damn good. Of course, it involves Harrison [Ford, now apparently confirmed to reprise his role as the protagonist introduced in the original cult classic], who is a survivor after all these years - despite the [Star Wars Episode VII] accident. So yes, that will happen. [...] The problem [is that] I've got a lot of ducks [including Prometheus 2] in a row. But they're all written." 

Of note here is that Prometheus 2 was originally thought to be scheduled by 20th Century Fox for a 2016 release, but if its director intends to tackle Blade Runner 2 first, then he'll have to wait for Ford to depart the Millennium Falcon once more (hopefully of his own accord rather than on a stretcher this time around) in 2015, which indicates that fans of the Alien series will have a hefty wait until they lay eyes on its next prequel outing. In the meantime, keep it On-Screen as we discover more about what's to come for the Xenomorph race (and their long-running adversaries, better known to the world at large as Predators) and for the intricate, infinitely-discussed dystopian world of Blade Runner, not to mention whether Exodus will live up to its esteemed helmer's heritage.

Speaking of which, Exodus: Gods and Kings will liberate cinemas worldwide this December 12th.

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