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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Doctor Who Extra First Season Commissioned

Source: The Mary Sue
Journey behind-the-scenes with the stars (both on- and off-screen) of Peter Capaldi's freshman adventures...
The BBC have today announced an online Doctor Who spin-off series scheduled to air alongside the eighth season of their hit science-fiction drama. Titled Doctor Who Extra, the programme's first full run will comprise of twelve 10-minute instalments, each of which will be uploaded to BBC iPlayer directly after the broadcast of the appropriate Season Eight episode on Saturday nights (for instance, the opening episode will launch as soon as "Deep Breath" has finished airing on BBC One and in cinemas at 9.10pm in three days' time).

Better yet, the Beeb have drafted in the majority of the production team of their beloved BBC Three documentary series Doctor Who Confidential to reveal just what went on between takes during the production of Peter Capaldi's first wave of voyages as the titular Time Lord and how the show's 50-year history has influenced its contemporary outings. We'd have been fully content with this gratifying news alone (not least since it means that the valiant creators of Confidential have finally found gainful employment once more), yet the official Doctor Who website then went on to announce an extensive roster of thespians and execs who've contributed to the spiritual resurrection of one of the most consistent and well-rounded spin-off projects of recent times. They are as follows: Peter Capaldi (the Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink), Keeley Hawes (Ms Delphox in "Time Heist"), Michelle Gomez (the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere in "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven"), Frank Skinner (role TBC, "Mummy on the Orient Express"), Ben Miller (the Sheriff of Nottingham in "Robot of Sherwood"), Foxes (role TBC, "Mummy on the Orient Express") and Steven Moffat (Executive Producer). Keep it locked at On-Screen in the coming days as we discover more on the bonus online content which awaits Whovians during the much-anticipated age of Capaldi!

Doctor Who Extra will kick off its run on BBC iPlayer (and, for one week only, in cinemas nationwide) with an unparalleled look at the production of "Deep Breath" this Saturday, August 23rd at 9.10pm

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