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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gotham UK Broadcaster & New Season One Antagonist Announced

Source: IGN
You'll never guess which programming corporation is bringing James Gordon to the UK...
Fox have this week announced the identity of the UK broadcasting corporation which will air the first season of their detective drama Gotham and a new antagonist set to feature amongst the legions of villains conspiring to tear Gotham City apart before its famed Caped Crusader can even take his first steps as a teenager. A spiritual predecessor to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy and the upcoming Warner Bros. blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the TV series in question will chronicle the rise of Detective James Gordon and those deadly criminals who'll become his and the Dark Knight's greatest foes in years to come.

We'll reveal the British programmer in question as this article comes to a close, but for now, it's a real thrill for us to be able to confirm that Mr. Freeze will be making an appearance at an as-of-yet still to be revealed stage in Season One (cue an endless stream of atrocious Arnie-inspired puns on the word 'ice'!). Provided that the producers and screenwriters steer clear of the all-too-clichéd approach of their predecessors (namely the Batman & Robin production team, lest they be met with a cold reception - sorry...), this could turn out to be another inspired decision which sends the narrative of the show's début run off in a captivating direction. Here's what producer Danny Cannon had to say on the matter: "My first conversation with Bruno Heller about the villains in [Gotham] is [...] that they need to be very credible and relatable and the science behind them needs to be real. So I had a couple of stories that I'd held onto [...] and one of them just related to Mr. Freeze. I know a real way to create an origin story!"

Gotham will première on Fox this September 22nd in the United States and on Channel 5 this Autumn in the UK.

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