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Saturday, 2 August 2014

New Homefront: The Revolution Development Studio Announced

Source: Twinfinite
As if Deep Silver hadn't already caused enough Kaos with Dead Island!
Koch Media have this week announced their acquisition of CryTek's Homefront franchise of dystopian first-person-shooter video games. This much-needed deal will ideally allow the publisher's newly-formed development studio Deep Silver Dambuster (a subsidiary of Dead Island's Deep Silver) to put the finishing touches to Homefront: The Revolution in time for its projected release window.

Despite the mediocrity of its immediate predecessor, we can't help but feel sorry for The Revolution at this point - the project was originally in-the-works at THQ before that esteemed-yet-fledging publisher was shut down in 2013, at which point its assets were transferred to CryTek in order to secure the product's future. CryTek aren't exactly in a prime financial position right now either, though, hence their decision to transfer the Homefront IP in its entirety to another studio. Of the product's immediate prospects at Koch Media and Deep Silver, chief exec Klemens Kundratitz had this to say: "We strongly believe in the potential of Homefront: The Revolution and trust in the new team [which is largely composed of laid-off CryTek staff who were already assigned to the product's development] to continue the path they have been walking in the last years."

Homefront: The Revolution will ignite the flames of change on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015.

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