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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Xbox One Kinect Sensor Standalone Package Announced

Source: Digital Trends
How could you possibly say no? Hold on, that WAS meant to be a rhetorical question!
Microsoft have today announced the development of a standalone Xbox One Kinect Sensor peripheral for release in all good video gaming retailers later this year. The motion-sensing camera was originally bundled with the publisher's acclaimed next-generation console, but as the gap between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sales began to widen, the former's creator saw fit to remove one of their fanbase's biggest bugbears from the equation entirely, shipping a Kinect-less Xbox One package earlier this year to a remarkable degree of commercial success.

From our perspective, Microsoft's election to offer a standalone edition of Kinect as they did with the original Xbox 360 incarnation in 2010 can only further benefit them, since it'll allow anyone who finds themselves enticed by upcoming motion-controlled titles (one of which, Dance Central Spotlight, will in fact be bundled in free of charge!) to pick up a sensor whilst still enabling those who were initially deterred by the sensor's mandatory presence in the Xbox One package to opt out of controlling their gaming experience with their chubby (or not-so-chubby, as the case may well be) fingers and overexercised (well, we can dream!) arms. Stay tuned to On-Screen in the coming weeks as we find out more regarding the publisher's future plans for the console and its ever-expanding software line-up.

The standalone Xbox One Kinect Sensor peripheral will retail in stores worldwide for an RRP of $149.99 (approximately £89.99) this October 7th.

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