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Saturday, 2 August 2014

First The Hateful Eight Promotional Poster Released

Hateful Eight poster
Source: Digital Spy
Perhaps the most infamous creation of the most infamous film auteur ever is coming back to life!
Director Quentin Tarantino and The Weinstein Company have this week released the first promotional poster for their (apparently) revived action-adventure motion picture The Hateful Eight. Intended as a homage to Western cinema (the genre, not the oft-maligned regional approach to big-screen narratives), the latest project from the mind behind Django Unchained has already set its satirical lenses to work by selecting a title which unashamedly parodies the classic 1960 blockbuster The Magnificent Seven (starring the recently-departed Eli Wallach and Steve McQueen amongst other big names of their era), and fans of the aforementioned director's work can be sure that the shameless puns and sight gags won't end there by a long shot.

In fact, the words "a long shot" are probably going to end up being closely associated with Hateful's turbulent production schedule in months to come, as the film was originally thought dead by the vast majority of Tarantinoians (apologies, that's the best noun we can possibly use to describe the man's fandom at this point in the evening - stay tuned for more horrendously contrived attempts at finding a collective noun with which to comedically group them!) after the initial screenplay was leaked online back in January. Presumably if this isn't all a hoax, then Django's Samuel L. Jackson, House and Two & A Half Men's Amber Tamblyn and the rest of the all-star cast ensemble who appeared at the event where Tarantino announced further drafts were in development will all be back on board to start shooting what should be one of the most ambitious ventures from Pulp Fiction's helmer yet.

The Hateful Eight will stride into cinemas worldwide in 2015.

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