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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Power Rangers Release Date Announced

Source: We Got This Covered
First The Hunger Games, now this - is any beloved franchise beyond Lionsgate's reach?
Lionsgate have announced the official global release date for their upcoming superhero blockbuster Power Rangers. Purportedly inhabiting a revised narrative continuity akin to that of the beloved original TV series of the same name (well, save for the Mighty Morphin' adjectives that were used as part of the 1990s programme's branding, both of which have been sliced from the motion picture's title for marketing reasons), the reboot will follow a team of youngsters who must put aside their differences and learn to control their super-powers in time to combat a near-omnipotent adversary.

Whereas one can often tell how successful an individual motion picture will end up being on the basis of its cast ensemble, its premise and / or the quality of its special effects, since none of these elements have truly slotted into place in this particular instance, our insight into just how Power Rangers will perform is relatively minimal right now. Certainly, the TV series and its various small-screen spiritual successors have acquired a sizeable cult following over the years, but as the production team of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will doubtless willingly attest after the sequel's poor opening weekend at the box office, followings can die out sooner or later and aren't nearly enough to wholly power a product commercially. Lionsgate will need to investigate critically acclaimed and commercially lucrative 'reboots' such as Doctor Who, Batman Begins and the like if they are to repeat the box office victories of their Hunger Games and Divergent series whilst battling Summer of Film flicks such as Captain America 3, Finding Dory and How to Train Your Dragon 3, but if any studio can manage it, we'd bet our bottom robot-turned-dinosaur that it's them.

Power Rangers mobilizes in cinemas worldwide on July 22nd, 2016.

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