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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Evolve Delayed

Source: Metro
Another one bites the dust - can 2014's roster of new IPs possibly become any less crowded?
Turtle Rock Studios have today announced a delay in the release schedule of their upcoming online multiplayer-orientated first-person-shooter Evolve. Initially scheduled to launch alongside other original franchise kick-starters such as Destiny and The Evil Within, the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead will now invade a video games retailer near you in the early months of next year instead.

What with the sheer lack of new trailers or screenshots for Evolve recently (hence the fledging coverage from us here at On-Screen), perhaps it should really come as no great shock to see it slip back to 2015. All the same, its departure from this Autumn's line-up of blockbuster titles will no doubt have a monumental impact on the extent to which many FPS fans anticipate the upcoming surge of ambitious, multi-generational products coming in their direction sooner rather than later. Publishers Take-Two Interactive are predictably citing the need for "a favorable release window" as the central motivator for the setback, yet we're all but sure that technical difficulties encountered in the aftermath of the title's alpha testing period probably have had a substantial impact on the overall development timeline. Stay tuned to On-Screen for more details on Evolve and other major video game releases coming to our shores in 2015's early stages (and beyond)...

Evolve will now retail for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 10th, 2015.

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