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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Gogglebox Season Four Episode 1 Airdate Announced

Source: Channel 4
Don't lie to us: you can't resist giving it a watch, can you?
Channel 4 have this week announced the official UK airdate of the first episode of the fourth season of Gogglebox. Since this enduringly charming part-comedy, part-documentary programme débuted last year, it seems a fair assertion to claim that it's gone from strength to strength and, honestly, we'd be telling a lie if we claimed not to have been taken in by the quirky humour and underlying satire which have powered each and every instalment of the show so far.

The nights are only going to start drawing in sooner and sooner as the weeks progress, which means that by situating itself towards the back end of September, Gogglebox should be in a prime position to reap in solid viewing ratings right from the off. Better yet, Friday nights aren't often quite so competitive as their immediate successors and as such, there's no reason why the series shouldn't make itself known by becoming the most-viewed standalone programme of that particular evening either. Don't expect reviews of each individual episode here at On-Screen for obvious reasons, but do expect wholehearted laughs in abundance if the last three seasons of unhinged TV commentaries were anything to go by.

Gogglebox will première its hilarious fourth season via Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday, September 26th.

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