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Thursday, 4 September 2014

New Big Hero 6 Promotional Videos Released

Source: Gannett
Hiro and Baymax have already won us over with their sheer charm and innocence!
Walt Disney Animation Studios have this week released two new videos to promote their impending animated film Big Hero 6. A separate entity from the critically lauded Marvel Cinematic Universe, its central characters and narrative will nevertheless be loosely based on the core elements of the 2004 Japanese graphic novel of the same name (which was, incidentally, published by none other than Marvel Comics), striking up an uncanny resemblance to its source material which should immensely enamour fans of Stan (provided they're not hoping for Iron Man or Peter Parker to cameo, that is).

First up is a simultaneously heart-warming and hilarious two-minute clip taken direct from the makers of Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph's latest production; as you'll soon discover, the preview centres on protagonist Hiro and his instantly adorable pet robot Baymax as the former finds himself cared for by the latter in the midst of a comedically risk-free situation:
Once readers are done there, they'll find a similar number of chuckle-worthy gags awaiting them in the latest official TV trailer for the piece. Tragically, those of us 'lucky' enough to live in the U of K will have to wait two months longer than members of Marvel's fandom located in the US of A, but by the looks of it, the final product itself should more than justify our extended stay in a metaphorical purgatory.
Big Hero 6 bursts onto the big-screen this November 7th in the United States and on January 30th, 2015 here in Britannia.

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