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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Supergirl TV Series Confirmed

Source: Smallville Wiki
No, it's not a spin-off from Smallville, but we like your thinking if nothing else!
Potential executive producer Greg Berlanti has today announced the development of a TV series based on the critically beloved DC Comics character Supergirl. Better known to many as the cousin of Kal-El (who, incidentally, is better known to many as a random individual named Superman), the Kryptonian construct first appeared in Superman Issue 123 in 1958 and has since made appearances in a range of screen adaptations of the Man of Steel's adventures including The CW's long-running TV superhero drama Smallville (where she was portrayed by Laura Vandervoort).

Contrary to prior expectations and desires, Vandervoort won't be reprising her role as Kara Zor-El in the aforementioned programme. Casting announcements are a way off yet as the project has literally only just been conceived by Berlanti and screenwriter Ali Adler, but more certain is that its narrative will present a completely different version of the character to that which was conveyed in Smallville and the loathed 1980s Supergirl motion picture (undoubtedly for the better, at least in the latter instance) and one who will only intersect with characters from other current DC shows such as Arrow or Gotham if the programme is picked up by their respective studios (The CW or Fox, for example).
More information regarding the series' lead stars, ongoing storylines and production is sure to emerge in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to On-Screen to discover all of the latest details as and when they surface.

For now, though, there's still Gotham, The Flash and Arrow for us to look forward to on September 22nd (via Fox), October 7th (via The CW) and October 8th (ditto) respectively. Has there ever been a superior time to be a fan of small-screen DC superheroes? Quite honestly, we sincerely doubt it.

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