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Monday, 22 September 2014

The Scorch Trials Announced

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Here's hoping that the franchise's début outing goes down a storm in cinemas, lest its successor find itself prematurely burned...
20th Century Fox have today announced the development of a sequel to their impending fantasy thriller motion picture The Maze Runner. An adaptation of James Dashner's identically-named 2009 work of teen fiction, Maze Runner is due to land in UK cinemas next month (on October 10th, to be precise) but has already had ample opportunity to engross US audiences in its not-so-subtly Hunger Games-inspired narrative thanks to its (scarcely justified, though the delays between UK and US cinematic premières are rarely intended by studios as a means by which to express regional preferences) September 19th domestic launch date.

So, we hear you ask, how long will it be until said follow-up lands in an auditorium near us? Two years? Three? Perhaps even half a decade? Unsurprisingly, each and every one of those guesses are incorrect, since The Scorch Trials (as Fox are currently branding the second instalment in their rapidly-conceived franchise of big-screen literary adaptations) will in fact launch within a year of its predecessor's début in cinemas across the world. We'll keep details of what developments the future will likely (if the original novel is any indication, anyway) hold for the protagonists presented to us in this year's instalment close to our chest, but suffice to say that those eager to find out what's coming up next on-screen already have the power to do so by taking an innocent glance at the literary text's Wikipedia page - just a thought for the non-spoilerphobes amongst our readership!

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials will set off new traps and face more dangerous challenges in cinemas worldwide on September 18th, 2015.

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