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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lucifer Pilot Episode Commissioned

Source: Comic Book
While their Cinematic Universe is lagging behind Marvel's counterpart, DC's small-screen efforts are unquestionably taking the lead!
20th Century Fox have this week announced the commissioning of a pilot episode of their proposed fantastical drama Lucifer. Set to be based loosely on the fictitious exploits of a little-known comic-book anti-hero who first appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen back in the 1960s before making a name for himself in Neil Gaiman's iconic 1980s graphic novel The Sandman and to be produced by Dawson Creek's Tom Kapinos, the show will join the likes of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie and Constantine in rendering highly-regarded DC Comics constructs as fully-fledged small-screen protagonists.

Naturally, however, the following question remains: will the DC Televisual Universe (as we'll brand it until we hear otherwise from Warner Bros. and / or DC Entertainment) soon begin to buckle under the weight of its various sub-franchises? Believe it or not, this oft-speculated eventuality is actually far less likely than we might initially think, due in no small part to the fact that the beloved and up-and-coming programmes we mentioned above are owned by a variety of studios and therefore don't constantly rely on contrived crossovers (well, barring Arrow and The Flash, but they're handling their interconnectivity in precisely the right way at present) and continuity-stretching references to the countless other super-powered warriors also working to keep the Earth safe from supernatural forces on the other channel. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. represents a prime example of how the burdens of direct connections such as these can prove detrimental in the long run (even if the programme did eventually manage to find its footing as Season One neared its end), but with any luck, Lucifer will avoid Gotham (Fox's only other DC TV drama)'s narrative territory like the plague in order to give itself the best chance of thriving in a market which is already jam-packed with budding unearthly contenders to the fantastical throne (Game of Thrones, anyone?).

The pilot episode of Lucifer will begin filming in early 2015, with the studio's intention presumably being to air an entire season of the show - provided that it receives a commission, of course - on Fox next Autumn.

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