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Monday, 29 September 2014

New Gotham TV Trailer Released

Source: ComicBook.com
Iconic and lesser-known faces from the Dark Knight's past litter this insightful promotional teaser!
Fox have today released a new TV trailer for their ongoing detective drama Gotham. Based in an isolated narrative continuity which - for reasons still unfathomable to the majority of its fandom - will have no synergy whatsoever with the upcoming Warner Bros. cinematic blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or the plethora of Justice League of America-centric sequels which are purportedly set to follow in its wake, the series chronicles the rise of one James Gordon from the rank of a lowly, oft-overlooked detective to the beloved Commissioner who fans of everyone's favourite brooding superhero regard as one of Bruce Wayne's greatest allies.

By the looks of it, young Bruce - who's still got a way to go before he takes up a career in Caped Crusading if "Pilot" was any indication - will need all the aid he can possibly receive as the show's increasingly critically-analysed freshman season continues. From the Riddler to Victor Zsaz, if nothing else, the future Dark Knight isn't going to be short of adversaries in weeks to come, though quite how much involvement the recently-orphaned heir to the Wayne legacy will have in fending off said adversaries remains to be seen. In the absence of Gotham's guardian angel, though, Ben McKenzie's Gordon should ideally prove to be a fine substitute for now - and who knows? Perhaps a certain Clown Prince's first appearance in Gotham City isn't out of the question either...

Gotham continues its d├ębut run with "Selina Kyle" later today - that's September 29th, for those reading this in our race's immediate future (hello, by the way!) - on Fox and will glide into the UK via Channel 5 this October.

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