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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mrs. Brown's Boys & Cuckoo Christmas Specials Commissioned

Source: The Evening Harold
Hot on the heels of her cinematic début, Ireland's favourite Mammy returns to BBC One.
The BBC have this week announced the commissioning of special festive instalments of their critically acclaimed (well, at least in one case) situation comedies Mrs. Brown's Boys and Cuckoo. In stark contrast to the former long-running BBC One series - which stars Brendan O'Carroll as a remarkably masculine housewife whose capacity to satirise Irish culture and customs seems to know absolutely no bounds whatsoever and will return for not one but two Christmas Specials this time around - the latter programme - which plays host to The Inbetweeners regular Greg Davies - only premièred over on the soon-to-be-deceased BBC Three last year and as such, its future beyond the just-announced Winter outing is still to be determined (officially, anyway).

Regular followers of On-Screen should be under no illusion regarding our vocal discontentment with Mrs. Brown's Boys at this stage, yet it's safe to say that the show manages to consistently surpass our expectations when it comes to viewing ratings, hence why (unlike Cuckoo, which arguably deserves every chance it can receive to endure and thrive, regardless of whether a channel shift is in order) it'll surely return long beyond this festive season and could possibly even 'earn' itself a sequel or two to the near-unjustifiably successful big-screen continuation (Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie) that made its way to UK cinemas during the Summer months. For those interested in reading the news as it was presented to us earlier this week direct from the proverbial horse's mouth - the latter of which landed shortly after the broadcast of the final episode of Cuckoo's second full run - here are the original announcement tweets in all of their somewhat majestic glory (well, depending on the extent to which readers engage with either of these two ongoing projects):
This year's Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas Specials will wreak yuletide havoc on BBC One this Christmas Day and New Year's Day (TBC - the other potential airdate is Christmas Eve), whilst Cuckoo will most likely make its long-awaited return to BBC Three with a new feature-length episode this Christmas Eve.

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