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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Once Upon A Time Season Four TV Trailer Released

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Frozen fans are in for a treat as Elsa makes her live-action début!
ABC have this week released the first full trailer for the impending fourth season of their divisive-but-well-meaning fantasy drama Once Upon a Time. As well as picking up the ongoing character arcs of series regulars such as Emma and Snow White (yes, really - for those readers who've never seen an episode, the show centres on fairytale heroes and villains who've somehow been whisked from the page and into the fictitious, not at all conspicuous 'real-world' locale of Storybrooke), the promising new run will introduce the beloved character ensemble of Walt Disney Pictures' hit animated musical film Frozen into the fray as Elsa leads the charge from fiction into reality.

We'll admit right off the bat that we've only seen the first season of Once in its entirety and have found the time to sit down and digest the première and finale episodes of the second series, but can safely say that the writing team demonstrated plenty of promise in their increasingly remarkable screenplays as time progressed (both literally and metaphorically - the motif of a static clock being temporarily brought to life as new hope entered Storybrooke was a key visual element of the original run) and that this potential appears to have sustained the programme long enough for it to reach this oh-so-crucial juncture. If the producers handle what will undoubtedly be a multi-season arc efficiently (and the signs are at least promising enough here), then they may well be able to guarantee another three or four seasons' worth of fantastical adventures; if not, the fabled wood-cutters of old probably won't be the only ones brandishing their axes soon enough...

Once Upon a Time will start to spin its next magical yarn on ABC this September 28th.

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