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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Into the Woods UK Release Delayed

Source: Front Row Reviews
Could Meryl Streep possibly look any more chilling in her fantastical state? We sincerely doubt it.
Walt Disney Pictures have this week confirmed a delay in the UK release schedule of their impending fantasy movie Into the Woods. As anyone who's kept atop of the film's marketing campaign so far will surely know, its narrative is based loosely on the Broadway musical of the same name, centring on a range of well-known fairytale constructs whose paths become mysteriously intertwined as they strive to realize and enable their desired idyllic endings.

Those members of our readership who haven't come across this project already, however, mightn't have realized until now that there's something of a catch involved. Like Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street before it, Into the Woods will rely solely on show-tunes (albeit far less emotionally rigorous numbers than those two genre pieces, if the curiously lyric-free teaser trailer was any indication) in order to convey its various disbelief-testing story arcs to mainstream and cult audiences alike. Whilst it transpires that said arcs won't play out on our screens until early next year rather than this Christmas, if the extra production team enables Disney's intrepid team of writers, editors and the like to craft a more finely-tuned motion picture, then who are we to object to the studio's sustained dedication to producing quality cinema?

Into the Woods will impart its first bedtime story to UK cinemas nationwide in January 2015.

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