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Monday, 29 April 2013

Coming Up This Week: April 29th-June 16th

Our bumper edition of our weekly feature encompasses the entire Summer Hiatus' duration- brace yourselves...
Well, you might not have quite expected this one. With our Summer Hiatus taking up seven weeks as a whole, we won't of course be able to bring you weekly Coming Up This Week features, and while I originally contemplated scheduling new editions of this post with releases that we know about for each successive Sunday to give On-Screen a residing presence, what with the busyness that awaits us all now, I reckon it's better to let things go quiet for a while so as to have a definitive return in mid-June (June 19th, though we've left out those last two days between the Sunday and Wednesday). Here, then, is our split guide to all of the weeks ahead!
ARROW: HOME INVASION- The hit CW superhero drama Arrow is back this week, as Deadshot returns to Starling City and the battle in the Glades heats up. There are only four episodes left of the run, and Home Invasion should kick off proceedings in spectacular fashion. (Monday 29th)
GAME OF THRONES: KISSED BY FIRE- Meanwhile, over in Westeros, the Hound and Jaime face judgement this week, plus Robb and Tyrion face deadly military and civil betrayals respectively. Prepare for more shocks than you might ever have expected! (Monday 29th)
FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON- Ubisoft Montreal are facing us with a rather bizarre prospect in Blood Dragon, their downloadable game spin-off to the hit 2012 shooter FarCry 3. It could succeed, it could flop, but with sci-fi antics plenty, it should be a wacky ride finding out for sure...(Wednesday 1st)
DOCTOR WHO: THE CRIMSON HORROR- It's the time of the Paternoster Gang to shine this week on Doctor Who. Vastra, Jenny and Strax are on a mission to save the Doctor and Clara from the Crimson Horror, in what should be a hilarious and dark period drama blockbuster featuring Diana Rigg. (Saturday 4th)
STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS- Can Benedict Cumberbatch provide the best turn as an film antagonist in 2013? The battle with John Harrison looks like a mightily exciting prospect, especially with JJ Abrams' In Darkness boasting some of the most stunning special effects of the year! (Thursday 9th)
THE GREAT GATSBY- Leonardo DiCaprio, Carrey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire are all heading up one of the big contenders this Summer for Film Of The Year 2013. The Great Gatsby is one of the all-time classic novels, so the journey of experiencing it on the big screen after exams will be one to truly relish...(Friday 10th)
DOCTOR WHO: NIGHTMARE IN SILVER- This penultimate instalment of the 50th Anniversary Spring run of blockbuster adventures is penned by none other than Neil Gaiman. With the man behind The Doctor's Wife at the helm, this resurrection of the Doctor's greatest foes, the Cybermen, with an incredible new look should be one for the ages. (Saturday 11th)
LES MISERABLES DVD- Yep, one of the greatest films of 2013 is now mere weeks from its retail DVD and Blu-Ray release. Les Miserables is an incredible motion picture, and one that most definitely deserves your attention after exams regardless of whether you saw it in cinemas first time around. (Monday 13th)
DOCTOR WHO: THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR- The time has come for the Doctor's greatest secret to be revealed. What could it be? What's the truth behind the mystery of Clara Oswald? How do the plans of the Great Intelligence and the return of River Song factor into the Fields of Trenzalore and the Fall of the Eleventh? All this and more will be revealed as we enter the most exciting prelude to the 50th Anniversary Special that you could possibly imagine...(Saturday 18th)
ARROW FINALE- So just what lies in store for the glades? We'll find out soon, as the Green Arrow must make the ultimate Sacrifice at the climax of Season One in order to save Starling City. Sufficed to say, this epic finale could be one of the big US televisual highlights of 2013! (Monday 20th)
DJANGO UNCHAINED DVD- One of 2013's greatest historical films comes to DVD, with Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz tag-teaming with the terrifying Leonardo DiCaprio for a true romp for the ages. Again, this is once you cannot aford to miss. (Monday 20th)
NEW XBOX REVEAL EVENT- The big reveal is here? Just what is the new Xbox console? We'll find out for sure in a little over three weeks' time, and gamers should be expecting an event that's nothing short of spectacular in terms of debuting the Xbox 720 hardware ahead of tonnes of E3 software reveals. (Tuesday 21st)
THE HANGOVER PART III- Another of the Summer Of Film 2013's big entries arrives, as the Wolfpack embark on their final adventure. Can they find Leslie Chow and bring him back to the FBI from the depths of Las Vegas in time to save Doug one final time and end the hangover madness? The end is here...(Friday 24th)
FAST & FURIOUS 6- This has to be one of the more interesting Summer Of Film blockbusters. Fast & Furious 6 kicks off a new two-part story arc for the hit racing film franchise, with Fast & Furious 7 already confirmed for a Summer 2014 premiere. With that in mind, expect twists, teasers and setpieces aplenty in the most action-packed instalment yet!
GAME OF THRONES: THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE- As the shocking aftermath of an upcoming wedding leaves several characters reeling, we can no doubt expect a sensational penultimate instalment of Thrones to round out May. Nevertheless, the journey there should be just as exciting...(Monday 27th)
GAME OF THRONES FINALE- The end of Season Three will dawn as June opens, bringing to a close yet another run of incredible blockbuster episodes. I can assure you that having read A Storm Of Swords Part 1, you can expect some killer twists in the weeks ahead to build to a finale that you will never forget! (Monday 3rd)
GLEE FINALE- As the competition heats up at Regionals, the New Directions will have to give it everything if they are to trump in the final episode of Glee's fourth season, All Or Nothing. Meanwhile, Rachel will discover some startling truths at NYADA, and you can bet that there'll be some BIG cliffhangers to build into Seasons Five and Six here. (Sunday 9th)
E3 2013- The biggest video gaming event of 2013 is here. Although Nintendo won't be giving a keynote, Microsoft and Sony will more than compensate by bringing us the full software line-up for their new Xbox and PlayStation consoles in full force, while developers come out by the dozen with plenty of footage of the most anticipated titles of the year and beyond- be prepared, because post-hiatus we'll cover everything, with opinions on it all! (Monday 10th-Thursday 13th)
MAN OF STEEL- Up in the sky...is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, it's the release of Man Of Steel, perhaps the most anticipated superhero film of 2013. Fresh from the minds of Watchmen and The Dark Knight, this may finally be the movie which does DC's Superman justice, and kicks off a whole franchise of Justice League adaptations to boot...(Friday 14th)
THE NEWSROOM RETURNS- We're not 100% sure on Sky Atlantic's Episode One airdate for the return of the almighty The Newsroom for its second season yet, but it's an extremely exciting event nonetheless. The news team must assemble for their greatest challenge yet this year, as events from the past threaten to throw their whole organisation into jeaporady!

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