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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Justice League Director Revealed

Find out who'll bring us their first team-up film come 2015...
Until recently, the odds hadn't been looking in the favour of the proposed Justice League movie getting the greenlight from Warner Brothers and DC Studios. Nevertheless, speaking to Empire Magazine, Zack Snyder has confirmed that unless Man Of Steel does not sell nearly as well as expected, he will be helming the DC team's first ensemble film in two years' time. Granted, that timeframe could shift depending on how quickly the potential production team and cast can be assembled, but Snyder's certainly right to call this opportunity "everything [he] had ever hoped for", so it'll be interesting to see how the situation develops post-MOS. Man Of Steel flies into cinemas worldwide on June 14th, while Justice League is currently slated for release in 2015.

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