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Monday, 29 April 2013

Marvel News: Joss Whedon On Thanos

What will the Master of Death be doing come Avengers 2?
The Avengers 2's writer and director Joss Whedon has today provided the first hints on the role of behind-the-scenes antagonist (in Avengers Assemble) Thanos in his upcoming sequel. Thanos remains a prized Marvel creation for fans, having featured heavily in the iconic Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

Here's what Joss had to say on the matter: "Well, Thanos is more powerful. He is so powerful he is not someone you can just try out and punch him. Like he did in the comics, you want him threading throughout the universe and to save the big finale for the big finale. He is definitely a part of what I have got going on. The thing about the Avengers is that they are very powerful but not very stable. So, there will definitely be some people that shake them up in the next instalment." It could be quite easily connoted here, then, that Thanos will still not have a profound presence until the third Avengers film, but with Iron Man 3 giving us little in the way of definitive hints as to what's to come, we'll at least have to wait until Thor: The Dark World to see how everything will start to pan out for the franchise.

The Avengers 2 will burst into cinemas worldwide in April 2015.

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