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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Best Of 2012 Awards: The Miscellaneous Awards (Part 1)

Rounding up the awards that the main articles just couldn't cover...
Our 'Best Of 2012' feature series will be running throughout December, but there are some various entertainment awards that had to be mentioned yet just weren't covered by the boundaries of the other award criteria. As such, we're compiling those 'Miscellaneous Awards' into this enticing set of awards you see below, favouring one-off winners rather than 'Top 10' lists. There'll likely be another set of these once we reach the end of 2012, but for now let's kick off with Part 1...
BEST NOVEL: 11-22-63 (Stephen King)- Stephen King's latest novel takes a different edge to the usual horror norm, instead going down the science-fiction route for a harrowing time-travel adventure back to the time of John F Kennedy's assassination. This is a truly gripping read that outclasses The Shining, Carrie and plenty of other weaker horror novels- 11-22-63 is by far the best new novel I've seen released in 2012.
BEST VIDEO GAME SHOOTER: Halo 4- Yesterday saw the publication of our 'Top 10 Best Video Games' of 2012 list, revealing Dishonored as our Game Of The Year 2012, but Halo 4 reached a hefty second place. By far, this new entry from 343 Industries outclasses Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter and even Spec Ops: The Line, bringing new meaning to the first-person shooter with just as much of a groundbreaking impact as Bungie's Combat Evolved. Roll on the future...
BEST COMEDY FILM: The Muppets- Our 'Top 10 Best Films' of 2012 is still to come with the Film Of The Year 2012 award announcement after The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Life Of Pi, yet for now I can at least rest assured knowing that The Muppets is easily this year's greatest comedy film. Packed with in-jokes, gut-wrenching gags and more emotional moments, this is completely brilliant and hilarious stuff, not to mention the best Muppets movie we have ever recieved. That is no small achievement, so a round of applause for all involved.
WORST FILM: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance- Coming up against The Bourne Legacy and the near-equally atrocious Wanderlust, the sequel to 2007's likeable superhero film Ghost Rider takes every ounce of charming elements from that promising flick and turns them and the new cast into a dire laughing stock. Every cool moment (the ending resolution included) was featured in the trailers, Nicholas Cage was so manic it hurt, and overall this was put to immense shame by the sheer quality of the other superhero films out this year. Here's hoping the Spirit Of Vengeance dies its death here and now!
WORST GAME: Kinect Star Wars- Well, in a year packed with supremely impressive finales to the current generation, there had to be one game that truly dropped the ball. Yep, it's Kinect Star Wars, whose developers are possibly the only team in existence brave enough to juggle a dire, unresponsive control system with dull lightsaber battles, a horrific Galactic Dance-Off mode (yes, really) and little else and expect £40 for the product. The other title for this? Daylight robbery.
BEST REFERENCE BOOK: Doctor Who: A History Of The Universe In 100 Objects (Steve Tribe)- With the absence of The Brilliant Book this year due to the smaller episode count, many Doctor Who fans were worried that we wouldn't get a substantial hardback offering. Thankfully, we were all proved wrong with the incredibly detailed History Of The Universe, a sublime tribute to the fourty-nine years the show has been on air and indeed the everlasting future it has to come!
BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Prometheus- This much-anticipated Alien prequel went from being totally off my radar to one of my most anticipated flicks of 2012 come its June release. The reality? I wish it had stayed the former, because in the end Prometheus turned out to have muddled objectives, unable to decide whether it wanted to be a new and compelling horror franchise or a basic sci-fi romp destined to connect with Xenomorphs to the flagship series. Overall, it was a mess, redeemed by strong castings but still a far cry from its Film Of The Year potential. What a shame...

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