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Saturday, 1 December 2012

The On-Screen Advent Calendar 2012: Day One

As has been the way since the blog launched back in 2010 (and boy, haven't things changed since then?), we're back with a new Advent Calendar for the 2012 festive season. Today, let's look ahead at what On-Screen has to offer you over the next month or so, i.e. this Christmas. There'll be plenty of surprises to come in the Calendar, yet for now here are the elements we can confirm are on their way this Christmas to the blog...
ADVENT CALENDAR- There are just twenty-four days to go until we gather round the dinner table for a festive turkey, but before then there'll be plenty of surprises from us at the blog in our annual Advent Calendar. Expect Christmas entertainment-related news, previews, reviews, features and videos aplenty that should strongly get you into the spirit of the season in time for the big day on the 25th!
MERLIN: THE END- We now know for certain that this season of Merlin is the last to broadcast on BBC1. While that's sad news, we can still expect a truckload of blockbuster adventures to round off Season Five, including the culmination of the 'Puppet Queen' arc, Emrys' hunt for an escape from Morgana and Mordred's turn to the dark side initiating the days of the Battle Of Camelot. Can Arthur survive? We'll have coverage of the new episodes and the future of the saga in the days ahead.
THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY- After a number of movie misfires like King Kong, Peter Jackson is going back to his roots this festive season with a return to his acclaimed The Lord Of The Rings adaptation universe. Prepare for encounters with dwarves, wizards, elves, eagles, Gollum and a mysterious golden ring in the first steps of Bilbo Baggins' Middle Earth-spanning adventure to reclaim lost treasure from the villainous dragon Smaug. We'll have the full review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey right here exclusively on the day of release...
LIFE OF PI- Another potential movie hit this Christmas, Life Of Pi carries the same magical resonance as Harry Potter and The Hobbit, yet is still grounded on the planet Earth to keep things as realistic as humanly possible. Expect sights that match Avatar for visual splendour, coupled with a compelling narrative that will help keep you warm despite the frost lurking outside the cinemas. Our review will arrive shortly after the movie's release on December 20th.
DOCTOR WHO: THE SNOWMEN- For all the journeys across mountains and seas this Christmas, perhaps one stands as the most important- the journey to save the Doctor's soul. Vastra, Jenny and Strax must introduce the Time Lord to mysterious governess Clara Oswin (Jenna-Louise Coleman) in time to stop the evil Doctor Simeon from unleashing an army of killer Snowmen upon our planet. A series-long arc tinges the underbelly of the episode, so it should be a real great, and we'll preview and review it over the course of December!
BEST OF 2012 AWARDS- We're back for another set of awards celebrating the Best Releases of the year in a variety of entertainment mediums. Tonnes of big releases like War Horse, The Muppets, Mass Effect 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Sherlock, Halo 4, Dishonored and more will enter the fray for Best Entertainment Release, Film Of The Year, Game Of The Year and more, but just who will reign victorious? All will be revealed at the end of December...
2013'S MOST ANTICIPATED AWARDS- On top of our 'Best Of 2012' awards, we'll be previewing all of the excitement that awaits us in 2013 too. From Les Miserables to Thor: The Dark World, from Grand Theft Auto V to Tomb Raider, from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary helpings to Sherlock Series Three, there's something big for everyone next year, so you won't want to miss our countdown of the biggest and best still to come later this month.
AND THERE'S MORE- We'll have reviews of Hitman Absolution, FarCry 3, Nativity! 2: Danger In The Manger, An Idiot Abroad 3, Merlin, Outnumbered, Top Of The Pops and tonnes more on top of our Christmas Calendar, so don't miss the next month of coverage right here at On-Screen!

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