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Friday, 7 December 2012

The On-Screen Advent Calendar 2012: Day Seven

Part of what this 2012 festive season is made unique by in undoubtedly the knowledge that Merlin is heading towards its final end. This week, we're onto Episode 10 (three adventures left after this, sniff!). The Kindness Of Strangers. So what's the premise? Long-term fans may remember that Morgana enlisted the famed torturer Alator back into Season Four to uncover the identity of the elusive Emrys (i.e. Merlin). Eventually, Alator worked out the truth, and chose to back off as a Druid himself. However, Morgana is now desperate to find the sorcerer who is prophecised as her "destiny and doom", so heads off away from the outskirts of Camelot to capture her old foe.

Could Merlin's true identity be revealed? With three instalments still to go, such a big twist seems a bit unlikely, but on the plus side we're told that the Great Dragon gets a number of substantial appearances and that Mordred's path becomes that much darker. After this, there's only The Drawing Of The Dark and The Diamond Of The Day left to bring Merlin to its epic climax, so prepare for yourself for big surprises from now on...

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