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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Next Halo Game Confirmed For Development

343 Reveal They're Already Hard At Work On The Series' Future!
Fresh off the hit success of their first full retail game, Halo 4, 343 Industries have today confirmed that they're already preparing the future of the grand science-fiction video game saga for a new instalment. "I can't say more than that," says creative director Frank O'Connor, "But work on the game started actually before we launched Halo 4 and continues apace as we cycle staff through the team's vacation breaks. We're excited about the next game."

What will the next entry be, then? I'd be willing to bet that it won't be Halo 5, although given the post-credits sequence of the fourth instalment it's likely that plot preparations are already taking place. It's unlikely to be Halo 2 Anniversary either, as that sequel doesn't reach its 10th Birthday until 2014. As such, I'm guessing it will be a side project of sorts along the lines of ODST and Reach, taking the narrative of the universe forward to a point where the fifth full game can pick up and run with a new premise. Meanwhile, on the future of Spartan Ops, O'Connor said "Spartan Ops Season Two is yet to be decided, we're looking at how the first season does." We'll keep you posted on this news soon, yet Microsoft has confirmed that a Spartan Ops announcement is coming at the VGAs tomorrow night. Halo 4: Spartan Ops is currently on hiatus with an Infinity Challenge (letting players compete for a cameo in the next game) taking place, but the DLC campaign will return for its final five episodes in January 2013.

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