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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2013

As our Most Anticipated Of 2013 awards kick off, what are the most exciting programmes of the next year?
With our 'Best Of 2012' awards series of features now well on its course to completion, I thought that now would be a great time to showcase our 'Most Anticipated Releases Of 2013'. Bearing that in mind, then, we'll first investigate what the television industry has to offer us in the next twelve months. There are plenty of great shows new and old to look out for, Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary included, but just how will we rank them? It's time to discover just that with our Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2013...
10. BEING HUMAN- This enticing BBC3 drama suffered from a lack of direction when it returned for its fourth season in Spring 2012. That said, Being Human always packs a tonne of charm and humour, so this final season should bring those in good measure with twists and shocks galore! (Spring)
9. ANGER MANAGEMENT- Charlie Sheen's new comedy turned out to be a genuine hit this year, really surprising with a mixed cast of famed stars and newcomers with budding potential. Anger Management's second season will reportedly feature a whole host of big celebrities, Cee Lo Green included- well, that fact probably depends on your interest in that kind of music. (Autumn)
8. TWO AND A HALF MEN- Reports are circling around the future of Two & A Half Men, yet when we last saw the Comedy Central show it was in pretty rude health. Here's hoping that Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer get to keep up the great work later in the year with a new commissioned season, despite what Angus T Mitchell was saying against it. (Spring)
7. GAME OF THRONES- Things are hotting up in the land of Westeros, both for those of us who tagged along with the first season's Sky1 re-run this Winter and are readying themselves for the next broadcast of Series Two, and indeed for fans eagerly awaiting Season Three. Battle lines will be drawn, races will ally in the face of conflict and the ultimate confrontation is beckoning! (Spring, Summer)
6. DEREK- Ricky Gervais pulled out an absolute stunner back in the Spring with his pilot episode for the new comedy-drama Derek. Considering that the debut episode was one of the best TV instalments of 2012, things really bode well for the first full season that Channel 4 have the honour of hosting in just a few months' time. (Spring)
5. ARROW- The makers of Smallville are no doubt very pleased with themselves for a cracking start to the opening season of their new DC drama. Green Arrow's adventures continue into the New Year, with Arrow still promising another thirteen episodes of modern superhero thriller action and plenty of dark revelations about the island where Oliver Queen was stranded for five years. (Spring)
4. SHERLOCK- Filming on the third season of this Steven Moffat-led detective drama has been pushed back to March as a result of filming schedule conflicts with The Hobbit: There And Back Again, yet Sherlock is still well on course for another winner. How did Benedict Cumberbatch's hero survive the fall? What consequences will Moriarty's death have for Great Britain? Can Sherlock show his face again without causing his friends' deaths? All the answers to these questions are coming, and we can't wait! (Autumn)
3. THE NEWSROOM- Aaron Sorkin provided the definitive answer to the question of how to provide a stunning modern journalism drama in the Summer. With The Newsroom's return, we can undoubtedly expect a vote of full confidence from the show's producers, as the cases, romances and civil conflicts that this brilliant drama deals with intensifying to exciting new levels...(Summer)
2. S.H.I.E.L.D.- Ever since the announcement of this Marvel Cinematic Universe television spin-off at ComicCon in the Summer, fans have been avid to discover exactly what S.H.I.E.L.D. is. With Agent Coulson back on board, elements of the narrative only get more ambiguous, yet Joss Whedon's pilot should doubtless be one of the best watches of next year. (Autumn)
1. DOCTOR WHO- The top of the list, though, had to be defined by a major event in television. Undoubtedly, that's Doctor Who reaching its 50th Anniversary- we've got the final eight episodes of Season Seven to première through April-June, a colossal new anniversary special to air on the 50 Year landmark date of November 23rd, and 99% probably a brand new Christmas Special to excite us too. Matt Smith will play the Doctor throughout the year, but will other Doctors feature, just who is Clara Oswin, and do the dark days of the Fields of Trenzalore await at the end of the road? Discovering the answers to all of these contemplations and so much more should make Who the most exciting event of 2013 by far! (Spring, Summer, Winter)

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