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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The On-Screen Advent Calendar 2012: Day Thirteen

Much as we can mark the twelve days we have remaining until Christmas, this also means that the end of Merlin on BBC1 is nearing ever closer with much the same rapid pace. The final instalment arriving before the exciting two-part finale of the show? The Drawing Of The Dark, a truly thrilling new adventure that marks a turn to the dark side which will mean dark days ahead on the plains of Camlann. Here's the key elements of the latest episode you'll want to watch out for...

  • DRUIDMANIA- We're moving back into the interesting narrative territory of Druid society this week, as Mordred encounters a fellow druid girl who Arthur discovers has practised sorcery. With this knowledge in mind, the Once and Future King has Kara arrested and sentenced to execution. Naturally, Mordred feels powerless to resist such a dark turn of events- but if this execution does come to pass, then what terrible implications could it have for the character's fate?
  • MERLIN'S BANE- For the past few weeks, Merlin has remained uncertain as to how to deal with his visions surrounding the latest Knight of the Round Table. Well, now as Mordred faces his greatest moral dilemma as a Knight and Druid, Merlin's own loyalties to his King are going to be placed to the ultimate test. However, no matter what the growing warlock's decision, it seems that the circles of fate must intertwine around Merlin, as Morgana's declaration of war looms like an omnious forerunner of the end, and so too do the battles lines truly begin to be drawn...
  • THE TURN OF MORDRED- In Arthurian legends, whilst King Arthur was away facing off against the Saxons, Mordred betrays his monarch, wedding Gwen and taking control of Camelot. It seems that won't be the case in this interpretation, yet could it be that Mordred enlists with Morgana's army to destroy the kingdom? If so, then Arthur's fate looks no less doomed, especially as in the legends the character of myth truly does die at the hands of the fabled Druid. Could this be the beginning of the end?
Merlin: The Drawing Of The Dark airs at 8.15pm this Saturday December 15th on BBC1.

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