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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The On-Screen Advent Calendar 2012: Day Eleven

As always, I've provided you readers with the link to my latest review of a new instalment of Merlin over at WhatCulture below. This week, The Kindness Of Strangers goes under the radar with just two weeks left now until a) the climax of the show and b) Christmas Day itself. I've awarded the tenth episode of the final season a strong 4* score, which ranks it up with Arthur's Bane Part 1, The Dark Tower, A Lesson In Vengeance and The Hollow Queen and only just below the current series highlight The Disir. Here's the link to my definitive verdict- three episodes to go now...http://whatculture.com/tv/merlin-the-kindness-of-strangers-review.php#comment-194532

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