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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Merlin News: More On The Show's End & Reviews

Rating With All My Heart and more on what's to come...
We're nearing the four-part finale of Merlin now with just days to go until things kick off in The Kindness Of Strangers, so naturally more and more details and teasers of the future are coming out. Today, I've first got the review of last week's instalment With All My Heart at WhatCulture from yours truly, where I gave it a solid 3* score: http://whatculture.com/tv/tv-review-merlin-with-all-my-heart.php. Now, let's move onto what the show's three main stars have to say on the impending conclusion...

  • COLIN MORGAN ON THE FINALE: "When I read the final episodes I was extremely pleased with them. I was also shocked- they were very unexpected. I knew how it ended in legend; so I was very, very pleased with it and I think the fans will be two."
  • COLIN MORGAN ON A MOVIE: "To do any more than this final series would possibly go down an avenue that would lead to people being unsatisfied. I think it's important to end on a high."
  • BRADLEY JAMES ON THE END: "We were asked if we wanted to do a series six, but I'd always had in my mind that we'd kind of gone as far as we could and I've always harped on about wanting to leave it on a high. I think that's what been achieved this year."
  • KATE MCGRATH ON THE FINALE: "I think what's lovely is the last two episodes really answer all the questions that have been posed throughout the past five years. The journey is finished, the characters' arcs have come to an end and as a viewer, there's something very special about seeing them all the way through."
Merlin continues its final season's broadcast with The Kindness Of Strangers this Saturday on BBC1.

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