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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Best Of 2012 Awards: The Miscellaneous Awards (Part 2)

Our second round of Miscellaneous Awards incorporates a whole host of other big entertainment releases from 2012!
On-Screen's 'Best Of 2012' Awards series of features is starting to move towards its end now, with our Top 10 Best Films, Top 10 Best TV Shows, Top 10 Best TV Episodes, Top 10 Best Actors & Actresses and Best Entertainment Release awards those that are still left to be revealed in the next fifteen days. Before them, though, it's time for a few more of the Miscellaneous Awards that just couldn't have found a place anywhere else in the features. Here's the full list of Part Two...
BEST SHOCK CAMEO: Jenna-Louise Coleman (Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks)- After last year's death of the Doctor shock in The Impossible Astronaut, it seems fair to say that we weren't expecting Steven Moffat to pull another big twist in the opening episode of the 2012 run of Doctor Who. Kudos to the showrunner, then, that he did just that, throwing in the new companion (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman) to the storyline in a guise that wouldn't even represent her final form in the Christmas Special. Now that's audacious, and the full ramifications of this ploy are yet to be seen!
BEST ATTRACTION: Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making Of Harry Potter- If you haven't had the chance to check out this brilliant tour up at Leavesden Studios this year, then I would recommend you make this your mission in 2013. The Making Of Harry Potter provides a stunning insight into the production of some of the most incredible fantasy films ever brought to the big screen, revealing the secrets behind much of the magic of the saga and indeed the actors and CGI teams who made it all happen. This remains perhaps the biggest and best new attraction for us to show off here in England as a draw for fans worldwide.
BEST PLOT ARC: Moriarty Returns (Sherlock)- The latest arc in Merlin of Arthur's Bane and the build-up towards the final battle of Camelot has been effective, as has Doctor Who's build towards the Fall Of The Ponds. All the same, we've still got time to see those play out, but the TV narrative arc of Sherlock's second season is beautiful, chronicling the full return of James Moriarty onto the scene of Sherlock Holmes' life and then moving all the way to his full demise. This stands as television its absolute best.
BEST NEW SHOW: The Newsroom- And talking of TV's best, The Newsroom was a masterful debut for Aaron Sorkin's new project show. Based around a journalist news studio, this gripping drama of ten full episodes delved into emotive and controversial territory to become one of the most talked-about US shows in a long time, a true new great if ever there was one.
BEST PILOT EPISODE: Derek- I was not expecting Ricky Gervais' first episode of his new comedy-drama Derek to be much cop. All the same, it turned into something truly special, a heart-breaker and a gut-buster at the same time with plenty of heart and humour mixed for good measure. I now cannot wait to see where the show heads in Spring 2013, because the first signs are very promising.
BEST MOVIE SONG: Song Of The Lonely Mountain (Neil Finn, The Hobbit)- This was a tough category between the entries of Skyfall and the various Muppets hits, but in the end I've gone for a late-comer with plenty of soul to share. Placed at the end of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Song Of The Lonely Mountain is both a melancholic and upbeat listen that deserves your attention below.

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