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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Best Of 2012 Awards: Top 10 Best Trailers

What were the best preview videos released over the course of 2012?
As the number of competing big entertainment releases increases year by year, so too does the confidence and scale of the various marketing campaigns that inevitably surround them. 2012 has been no exception to this rule- in fact, it's given us perhaps the most definitive proof of this fact that we could ever have wanted. Here, then, we're counting down my Top 10 favourite trailers for films, games and shows released these past twelve months, with their respective videos displayed below...
10. DESPICABLE ME 2: HALLOWEEN- A hilarious spooky snippet for what promises to be one of 2013's greatest animated films.
9. DARK SHADOWS: FULL TRAILER- This one's such a great homage to music of days gone by, while well-establishing the fun and quirky nature of the film.
8. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: LAUNCH TRAILER- How else do you round off Christopher Nolan's incredible Dark Knight trilogy than with a cracking trailer like the one below?
7. LES MISERABLES: FULL TRAILER- A beautiful combination of music and star talent, Les Miserables' trailer currently makes the movie one of my most anticipated releases of 2013.
6. THE GREAT GATSBY: PREMIERE TRAILER- Gatsby was pushed back to Summer 2013, which is a real shame, as the first trailer for the film looks hugely promising in terms of what's to come.
5. HOUSE: EVERYBODY DIES- Taking Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours' dazzling Live Forever and pitching it over a masterfully edit series of teases for the show's finale, House's final ad is by far its best.
4. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: FULL TRAILER- Just a blazing and very confident teaser for what turned out to be one of 2012's all-time greatest movies.
3. IRON MAN 3- An incredibly compelling preview for next year's first solo Avenger film, Iron Man 3's first teaser boasts the quintessential balance of thrills and comedy its franchise is acclaimed for.
2. DOCTOR WHO: SERIES SEVEN PART ONE- As if our anticipation for the return of Who after nine months of waiting couldn't get high enough, this brilliant long trailer took things to the next level!
1. ASSASSIN'S CREED III: COMING HOME- At the top of the list remains my favourite trailer of the year, an amazingly dubbed ACIII trailer that fully gets across the game's mastery of the genre.

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