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Monday, 17 December 2012

Who News: Prequel; New Title Sequence Revealed

See more of Vastra and her gang's pre-Christmas adventures plus learn about a further new element for December 25th!
The BBC Press Team are ramping up their promotional campaign for Doctor Who: The Snowmen with a bang in the next few days, starting with a couple of intriguing new news and media releases to build our anticipation. Here's our latest round-up of what's been revealed, and the surprises we have in store on Christmas Day...

  • PREQUEL #2: Fresh off the back of the Children In Need prequel, The Great Detective, to the Christmas Special, the official BBC Who website has released a new prequel video for the episode. Titled Vastra Investigates, this charming video focuses on Silurian Madame Vastra's Victorian allies, her relationship with Jenny and indeed their contemporary world's perception of it. On top of that, we hear more on both the Doctor's status high in the skies with the TARDIS and of course the icy danger that awaits us on December 25th. You can check out the video below.
  • A NEW LOOK: Another big confirmation from the BBC landed today. As well as introducing a new companion, a new costume for the Time Lord and a new TARDIS interior, The Snowmen will also debut an all-new title sequence for the programme. We'll see a brand new opening and closing credits sequence, and on top of that a superb new rendition of Ron Grainer's classic theme tune, the fourth version (2005, 2008, 2010, 2013) that we've heard since the show returned to our screens eight years ago. Bring it on, we say...
Doctor Who returns with The Snowmen on Christmas Day at 5.15pm on BBC1 HD.

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