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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Justice League Film Plot Rumours Surface

Do we have more hints now on where the DC team-up will head?
There's very little in the way of concrete details about the upcoming DC Movies project Justice League, other than that the studio is hard at work to get it out for a release window in two and a half years' time. That said, we do have additional rumours to add to the flames of speculation of what we can expect from the flick. It appears due to recent reports that the film's narrative will be adapted from a classic 1980s JLA comic-book arc, where the god-like villain Darkseid attempted to throw Earth and its humankind into pure darkness by placing his planetary base Apokolips in its position, sending our planet hurtling into the lost depths of space forever more. Naturally, (SPOILERS!) the Justice League managed to stop this plot, and it's something we saw portrayed in Smallville: Finale, yet it could well make for a great first team-up narrative if this is where the writers are really going with the movie. For now, this all remains the stuff of rumors, but when we hear any confirmation on the matter, you'll be the first to know right here. Justice League is set for release in Summer 2015.

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