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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best Of 2012 Awards: Top 10 Best Songs

Find out just which songs made our Top 5 Best Songs Of 2012 hot list!
Choosing the best music of any given year is such an opinionated decision, it can border on impossible at times. All the same, I reckon the time is right now to look back at the finest entries in the music industry (in my opinion) released this year. Without further ado, then, let's look at the Top 5 Best Songs Of 2012, taken from across the year, from a variety of genres, a variety of big and small names with just one consistent strand: a regular dose of incredible quality present in each and every one of the tracks. Below each title and its award reasoning, you can check out the music video for the five respective songs- now, onto the rankings...
10. DRIVE-BY (Train)- This fast and upbeat warm romp from Train showcased the best of the band's musical talents, an accessible and catchy listen.
9. SAFE AND SOUND (Taylor Swift)- Quite the contrast to the previous entry, Taylor Swift's Hunger Games accompaniment is a beautiful new track that'll leave you wondering just how the monstrosity We Are Never Getting Back Together ever came into the artist's head.
8. WE ARE YOUNG (Fun)- Could this be the year's most iconic new track? Very possibly, and Fun deserve all the success they've had as a result of this brilliant song.
7. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (Rock Of Ages Movie Cast)- The sceptics worried about the potential of the new film Rock Of Ages, but this cover of Foreigner's classic cements the movie's pure rocking greatness!
6. SKYFALL (Adele)- Another absolutely iconic track, Adele's latest piece opened Skyfall with a melancholic and totally effective bang, up and above many of the Shirley Bassett title classics.
5. SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW (Gotye)- Haunting and infinitely intriguing at the same time, Gotye's step into the world of music is utterly fantastic. A memorable masterpiece.
4. ROOTS BEFORE BRANCHES (Glee Cast)- What the heck is Glee doing on this setlist? Trust me, this beautiful rendition of Room For Two's little-known Roots Before Branches is simply an amazing listen, despite the bizarre context of Season Three's unrealistic ending.
3. LIFE'S A HAPPY SONG (The Muppets)- This had to be near the top, didn't it? Even if you missed The Muppets in cinemas (where were you?), you owe it to yourself to check out this opening music video and then check out the fantastic movie.
2. DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD (Swedish House Mafia)- Releasing near the end of the year, Swedish House Mafia's big debut was a phenomenal hit. Don't You Worry Child remains a deeply invigorating listen for music-lovers worldwide.
1. AND I WILL KISS (Underworld feat. Dame Evie Glennie)- If this track doesn't sound familiar, then watch the video below. Though Underworld's song wasn't named there, this played over the majority of the London 2012 Olympics Ceremony, and works perfectly as a track in its slow, measured build-up to an almighty crescendo  This is a piece of instrumental music that should never be forgotten...

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