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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Arrow Season Three Episode 1 Title Announced

Source: Screenrant
The torturous wait for the Green Arrow's return has been made a little more bearable.
Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has today announced the title of the first episode of the third season of The CW's cult superhero drama Arrow. Starring Stephen Amell as the eponymous DC archer, the show's second season introduced villains such as Deathstroke and Nyssa Al Ghul into the mix as well as wannabe superheroes including Barry Allen (who'll be better known to fans as the Flash when he makes his début as the superhero in his own spin-off, The Flash, a day before Arrow's season première).

Anyone who's looking for a deviation from the norm when it comes to the purposely-ambiguous titles of the programme's season openers (see Season One's "Pilot" and Season Two's "City of Heroes") will probably come away from this article slightly disappointed. Regardless, we can now officially confirm that Season Three Episode 1 will be called..."The Calm" (you'll find Guggenheim's tweet on the matter below)!
Naturally, thoughts of the age-old idiom 'the calm before the storm' spring to mind at the revelation of this oddly tension-light name, and as sure as day turns to night on a daily basis, you can bet your bottom quiver that turbulent weather will hit Starling City along with a simultaneous dosage of pathetic fallacy before too long. Indeed, there'd be a neat sense of structural symmetry if the third run is tail-ended by an instalment called "The Storm", and Stephen Amell (who Warner Bros. Entertainment have announced as the official emcee for their three-hour ComicCon panel later this month) did recently state that the themes of the opener will resonate throughout the run in its entirety. Keep it On-Screen for all the latest details on Arrow, its newly-conceived spin-off The Flash and other major US TV dramas in the weeks ahead!

Arrow returns for its high-octane third season - beginning with "The Calm" - on The CW this October 8th and on Sky1 this Autumn.

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