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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Trollied Season Four Lead Stars Announced

Source: Sky
It's out with the old and in with the new at Valco Warrington...
Sky have announced several new lead stars set to join the cast ensemble of the fourth season of their comedy TV series Trollied. Based in a fictitious supermarket called Valco, the programme investigates the increasingly calamitous (and to some extent ridiculous) lives of the store's staff, but after the departure of Jane Horrocks' Julie, Nick Blood's Kieran and Mark Addy's Andy from the actorial slate in Season Three and the subsequent 2013 Christmas Special, it became inevitable that the list of characters upon which the weekly narratives focused would have to be refreshed.

Enter the new and remarkably star-studded team of British thespians who are jumping on the Valco bandwagon just in time to save the show from a premature cancellation. Here's our round-up of each of the newcomers, their credentials and their Trollied roles:
  • MIRIAM MARGOYLES - Much as she'd probably like us to remember her for her work in the BAFTA-winning 1990s TV series The Age of Innocence, to be frank, it's Miriam's performance as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter film franchise which will undoubtedly have lingered longest and most prominently in the memories of most viewers. In Trollied's next run, Miriam will portray Colin's Nan.
  • STEPHEN TOMPKINSON - Best known for his prolonged work on the iTV drama Wild at Heart, Stephen will play a pharmacist called Brian who aspires to one day become a professional doctor (and good luck to him, we say!).
  • JACK CARROLL - Between this project and a recurring role on the upcoming second season of Big School, ex-Britain's Got Talent runner-up and budding comedian Jack Carroll seems to have life easy at the moment. He'll take on the role of an arrogant-yet-charmingly intellectual youngster named Harry in Season Four.
  • AISLING BEA - Without question the most obscure (but no less talented) addition to the production team, Aisling is somewhat likely to be remembered by comedy fans for her appearances in Come Fly With Me, Russell Howard's Good News Extra and the 2014 Channel 4's Comedy Gala, but once Trollied is done and dusted, it's probable that fans will know her only as Charlotte, the daughter of Valco's CEO and no doubt an ongoing thorn in Gavin (Jason Watkins)'s backside.
Trollied returns to Sky1 for a hilarious fourth series of retail-themed antics this Autumn.

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