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Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Village Season Two Première Date Announced

Source: The Telegraph
John Simm's conflicted protagonist continues his quest to Master a drinking addiction!
The BBC have today announced the UK première date of the second season of their period drama The Village. Written by Peter Moffat, the show's storylines are refreshingly unique in this day and age, only taking inspiration from real-world events rather than serving as a direct adaptation of a true story and/or a piece of acclaimed literature.

Even so, the first season wasn't without its teething problems, not least since Moffat (how strange it seems to refer to the executive producer when he shares his surname with a certain other Moffat who regularly does the rounds on BBC One) appeared uncertain as to whether he should place a primary focus on the ongoing dilemma of the Middleton family (with John Simm's Bert Middleton representing its most compelling member by far), a young adult girl who gradually became a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a supposed psychiatrist or the programme's Great War setting. The latter issue will, with any luck, be resolved in Season Two as The Village's ongoing narrative moves to the post-war era and depicts the moral and economical consequences of the global conflict on the titular sub-region in Derbyshire, yet the matter of addressing many of the qualms which critics had with its inconsistent tone and the downright depressing nature of some of its recent storylines will need to have been a central concern in Moffat's scripting process if the Beeb are hoping to sustain their latest historical project as a long-running production.

The Village will return to BBC One with its emotionally-charged second season on Sunday August 10th at 9pm.

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