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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Doctor Who: Lights Out Announced

Clara and the Doctor
Article Images Source: BBC - Doctor Who
Holly Black sends the Twelfth Doctor on a new adventure via a thrilling short story!
The Guardian have just announced a new short story based on the BBC's beloved science-fiction drama Doctor Who. Titled "Lights Out", this mini-adventure will feature the Twelfth Doctor (as played by Peter Capaldi in the 2013 Christmas Special, "The Time of the Doctor", ahead of his début in Season Eight next month) and his regular incumbent travelling companion Clara Oswald (as played by Jenna Coleman in "Asylum of the Daleks", "The Snowman" and ultimately from "The Bells of Saint John" onwards).

The scribe of the latest addition to BBC Books' range of Doctor Who novels and assorted fiction? Holly Black. Best known as the writer of the acclaimed teen fiction series The Spiderwick Chronicles, Black follows eleven other esteemed authors including Derek Landy and Malorie Blackman who were drafted in by the publishing house last year to write monthly short stories focusing on each of the then-Eleven Doctors (before Matt Smith's departure was announced, at least) as part of the BBC's extensive 50th Anniversary celebrations. Here's what she had to say on the prospect of penning one of the first pieces of printed Twelfth Doctor fiction: "It's a huge honour to get to write a story in such an amazing science-fiction universe, one which makes for an ultimate writer's playground with its flexibility across time and space. I am a big fan of the series and the Doctor himself, our alien hero who reminds us over and over of our humanity and carries a screwdriver instead of a gun."

"Lights Out" will be published as part of Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories, a paperback compilation of each of the aforementioned 50th Anniversary short stories, for release in all good book retailers this October 23rd. Before that, however, Doctor Who will return with a new series of Gothic escapades on BBC One this August 23rd - check out three new promotional images from the season première, "Deep Breath", below.
Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi

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