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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special Production Details Announced

Source: The Drum
The first details on the Twelfth Doctor's second festive outing are here.
Executive producer Steven Moffat has today announced details regarding the planned production of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special. In what turned out to be a surprise appearance at the climax of lead star Jenna Coleman's London Film and Comic Con interview panel, the show-runner spilled the beans on Season Eight's tone ("nasty" and "unpleasant" sequences are apparently on the horizon) and the recent leak of five scripts from the new series (an event which he justifiably branded as "horrible", "miserable" and "upsetting" for the production team).

More significantly, though, Moffat went on to confirm that he is currently writing the 2014 Christmas Special and that it will begin filming three weeks after shooting on Season Eight concludes. Given that the show's recently-announced World Tour (which is, in essence, a grand promotional campaign for this year's run) starts up on August 7th, this implies that the Special will shoot over the course of a fortnight or so and will therefore presumably pack a standard (but no less satisfying!) 60-minute running time. Check out Blogtor Who's tweet below to see the full info for yourselves, and keep it On-Screen if you want to know the latest gossip on Season Eight, the 2014 Christmas Special and Doctor Who's future!
Doctor Who will return with a new series of time-travelling escapades on BBC One and BBC America this August 23rd.

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