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Friday, 18 July 2014

The Hateful Eight Revised Production Schedule Confirmed

Source: Cinematheia
Tarantino's homage to the Western is still going ahead, apparently!
Star Kurt Russell has this week confirmed details of a (seemingly) amended production schedule for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Western blockbuster The Hateful Eight. Questions arose regarding the future of the acclaimed director's latest project after its screenplay was leaked for the population of the Earth to see in its entirety earlier this year, but thankfully, those queries can be laid to rest as of today (at least if Russell is to be believed).

Since Tarantino and company have justifiably provided little but radio silence in the aftermath of the aforementioned leak, it can't hurt to recap Hateful Eight's premise: a homage (and parody, of sorts) to the Western genre, its title riffs on that of the classic 1960 movie The Magnificent Seven, yet such is the nature of the former helmer's approach to cinema that we'd imagine the tone will resemble Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction more than it will Jon Sturges' beloved genre-definer. The evidence seems fairly sound on this occasion; here are Russell's exact words on the matter of the motion picture's presumably-revived production: "I've a Tarantino project called The Hateful Eight that looks like it may go [to cameras] somewhere around the beginning of the year." Regardless of the lead star's positive forecast, however, the question still remains - will the finished film pack an entirely renewed screenplay, or will Tarantino rest on his laurels and stick to the leaked edition? Only time will tell, but we'd wager that the former eventuality is far more likely based on the director's illusive past...

The Hateful Eight will most likely launch in cinemas worldwide somewhere around Winter 2015 or Spring 2016. Keep it On-Screen for all of the latest info on its screenplay, narrative and production schedule.

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