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Saturday, 5 July 2014

FarCry 4: Ultimate Kyrat Edition Announced

Source: VG 247
Your journey to Kyrat just got that much more dangerous - and exciting, of course...
Ubisoft have this week announced the development of a special edition of their open-world first-person-shooter video game FarCry 4. Scheduled to launch on the same date as the standard retail version of the recently-announced follow-up, the Ultimate Kyrat Edition is named after the eponymous fictitious Himalayan region in which the game's core narrative (and its newfound co-op multiplayer component) is set.

Where this remarkably extensive Special Edition package received its name isn't so much of interest, however, as the content that lies within. In stark contrast to annualized franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield, Ubisoft aren't skimping on quality exclusives when it comes to ensuring that those players who do upgrade their copy of FarCry 4 are duly rewarded for their extra investment. Here's a round-up of the extra content which the Ultimate Kyrat Edition has to offer:
  • Three exclusive DLC missions chronicling protagonist Ajay Hale's battles against adversaries in ice caves, atop elephants and in an action-packed convoy chase.
  • An exclusive weapon (lent to Ajay by his long-time ally Hurk) called the Impaler.
  • An action figurine based on the in-game antagonist Pagan Min which depicts the character atop a throne crafted out of elephant skin.
  • A physical FarCry 4-themed travel journal.
  • A poster depicting the type of propaganda which Min will employ in the product's central single-player campaign.
  • A physical map of the game's huge open-world environment.
  • A Season Pass which allows fans to download all future FarCry 4 DLC free of charge.
  • Guaranteed access to the first DLC pack, "Metal Box".
  • And an exclusive collector's box in which to store both the FarCry 4 game case / disc and all of the accompanying content listed above.
Far Cry 4: Ultimate Kyrat Edition is available to pre-order now for £85 on PC and £90 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will release in video game retailers worldwide this November 21st.

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