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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Final Guardians of the Galaxy "Extended Look" Trailer Released

Source: Cinema Blend
Groot has never come off as more of a hilarious character than he does here!
Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have today released the final theatrical trailer for their impending science-fiction superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Branded as an "Extended Look" at the latest instalment in the multi-medium Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, the trail isn't stuffed full of new footage (indeed, plenty of it is recycled from past preview), but what is fresh is also extremely promising.

For us, it's the upgraded screentime of Vin Diesel's lovable living tree character Groot that guarantees the trail's success, not least since he's increasingly looking to be the comedic underdog of the piece (that he can only speak the words "I am Groot" only serves to enhance his exhibited sense of humour). Although we originally had our doubts about Bradley Cooper's casting as Rocket Raccoon, the Hangover star is starting to seem like a perfect fit for the role, which is a truly reassuring assertion for us to make with just over three weeks to go until the now-finished product (James Gunn confirmed that Guardians is locked and loaded for its release on Twitter yesterday) lands on our screens.

Guardians of the Galaxy assembles a rag-tag team of criminals in UK cinemas nationwide this July 31st and in international cinemas worldwide on August 1st.

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