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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Flash Recurring Guest Star & Episode 2 Title Announced

Source: Idle Hands
The Fastest Man Alive will meet up with another JLA member in Central City.
The CW have today announced a new recurring guest star set to feature in the cast ensemble of the impending first season of their superhero drama The Flash, as well as the title of Season One's second episode. A spin-off from the studio's hit series Arrow, the programme stars Grant Gustin as the eponymous DC speedster and will play host to Arrow's lead star Stephen Amell in its very first episode, "Pilot".

In fact, there'll be more than one Amell in the show's debut run, and we're not simply referring to further appearances from the Green Arrow here! Robbie Amell, cousin to Stephen and one of the central cast members in the recently-axed CW drama The Tomorrow People, will play Ronnie Raymond (or, as most DC followers will know him, occasional JLA recruit and regular superhero Firestorm) in a recurring capacity from Episode 3 onwards. We wish Robbie and the rest of The Flash's production team all the very best (as ever) as they continue to shoot Season One in its 23-episode entirety.

What's that? You want more, dear reader? Well, in stark contrast to the workhouse owner who responded to Oliver Twist's iconic request for further helpings of gruel, we're pleased to present one further helping of Flash info in the form of Episode 2's official title: "The Fastest Man Alive". Original it mightn't be, but so long as "Fastest Man" matches the quality of the superb "Pilot" (which - much to The CW's frustration, we're sure - can be viewed now on various streaming sites across the web), then the creativity (or lack of) powering the show's production team's selection of episode names is but a minor concern.

The Flash will race onto The CW (and Sky1, provided that they're successful in gaining the UK licensing rights as Sky did for Arrow in 2012) this October 7th.

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