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Friday, 11 July 2014

New Doctor Who Season Eight Promotional Image & Guest Star Revealed

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman dress up for first Doctor Who episode Deep Breath
Source: Radio Times
Another valuable ally joins the Twelfth Doctor's ranks in the season finale...
The BBC have today released the first promotional image (left) for the opening episode of the eighth season of their revived science-fiction drama Doctor Who and announced a new guest star scheduled to feature in the run. Titled "Deep Breath", the feature-length season première will fully introduce Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, and as the aforementioned picture above demonstrates, the Time Lord's latest incarnation will don Victorian garb as he searches for a new costume over the course of the episode.

In addition to the official pic, Sanjeev Bhaskar has been confirmed as a new member of the supporting cast for the final episode of Season Eight (which forms the second half of a two-part serial). Best known for his work on the BBC projects Goodness Gracious Me and The Kumars at No. 42, the British comedian joins Capaldi, Jenna Coleman (Clara), Michelle Gomez (the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart) and Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) in the increasingly extensive list of confirmed cast members for Episode 12, though as usual, the episode's narrative and Bhaskar's role in proceedings are being kept tightly under wraps.

Check out what Bhaskar and executive producer Steven Moffat have to say on the former actor's casting (and in Moffat's case, regarding the season opener "Deep Breath" too) below:
  • SANJEEV BHASKAR (EPISODE 12 GUEST STAR) - "I'm thrilled to have made a small contribution to and now be part of the Doctor Who universe. Another dream box ticked!"
  • STEVEN MOFFAT (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) - "I'm completely thrilled that Sanjeev Bhaskar is coming to the aid of the Doctor. The danger is never deadlier than in a finale episode, and the Time Lord is going to need all the help he can get!"
  • MOFFAT ON "DEEP BREATH" - "It's a big introduction - he's the new Doctor. [...] It's going to be about 'What's he like? How's he different?' I suppose it feels a bit like a character piece, but there's plenty of action and nonsense and jeopardy, as there ever is in Doctor Who."
Doctor Who will return for an eighth series of time-travelling journeys on BBC One and BBC America this August 23rd.

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