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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File Announced

Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File
Source: Amazon.co.uk
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BBC Worldwide have today announced and released an interactive eBook application based on their globally beloved science-fiction drama Doctor Who. Titled Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File, the app could quite possibly mark the first entry in a series of interlinked pieces of software which celebrate some of the series' most iconic extra-terrestrial antagonists, although no such further outings were mentioned by the Beeb at the time of this article going to press.

As if it weren't enough for the eBook to feature clips from past Doctor Who stories featuring the Cybermen, quizzes on the Mondasian foes, vocal excerpts from Nicholas Briggs (better known to most of us as the voice of the majority of alien monsters in the show) and fact files, there's even an exclusive short story going by the name Cybermen: Status Update contained within. It's written by Joseph Lidster (a seasoned Who novelist who has penned entries in both the Doctor Who and Torchwood New Series Adventures ranges) and investigates the brave efforts of a single human being who holds the key to saving the Earth from a full-scale Cyber conversion. In an age where app developers seek to gain profit at every possible opportunity, to see such a comprehensive free application is an extreme rarity, so we'd advise that Whovians take the BBC up on their offer and get downloading straight away!

Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is available now to download for free via the Kindle Fire and iOS App Store marketplaces.

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