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Sunday, 13 July 2014

New Constantine Lead Star Announced

Source: ComicBook.com
We'll bid a fond farewell to Lucy Griffiths' Liv in the second instalment of Season One.
Executive producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer have today announced a new lead star set to feature in the upcoming first season of NBC's fantasy drama Constantine. Based on the ongoing DC comic-strip Hellblazer, the series stars Matt Ryan as its titular demon-exorcising protagonist, as anyone who's sat down and watched the unfortunately leaked pilot episode will now know all too well.

Whilst Robin Hood's Lucy Griffiths portrays the TV-exclusive character of Liv in the aforementioned opening instalment, Angelica Celaya has today been announced as the actress who's going to play Zed, a long-established love interest for John Constantine who regularly features in his comic-book escapades. Why the sudden change of heart when it comes to Liv? Here's what Cerone had to say at a conference at this year's Television Critics Association festival: "Pilots are great because they're a bit of a litmus test, we get to figure out what works and what doesn't. Liv is a great character, she's wide-eyed, she's reactive, [but] we felt a bit hamstrung by her, frankly." Many of our fears regarding Constantine were certainly spawned as a result of Liv in the pilot, so it's great to see that the producers are proving just as "reactive" as the character and adjusting the series' status quo where necessary in order to offer it the best possible chance of a healthy run of ratings and, ultimately, an eventual Season Two re-commission.

Constantine will début with its appropriately-titled opening instalment, "Pilot", on NBC this October 24th. Stay tuned to On-Screen for details on a potential UK broadcaster as and when such details appear on the grapevine.

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