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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tatau First Season Commissioned

Source: BBC Press Office
Who says BBC Three is dead? Get the latest details on their next fully-fledged drama series right here.
The BBC have this week announced the commissioning of a new drama to be filmed later this year and broadcast on BBC Three in the not too distant future. Titled Tatau, the series will centre on a mythological crisis which occurs on the Cook Islands and gradually entails the involvement of two fun-seeking teenagers, one of whom acquired a strange tattoo before departing on their vacation.

Save for the information that many members of the production team who worked on the superb fantasy drama Being Human will be contributing to Tatau, details on what we can expect are few and far between. Nevertheless, here's what several of the Beeb's key execs had to say on the show's premise and potential:
  • SAM BICKLEY (BBC THREE CHANNEL EDITOR) - "BBC Three has rightfully made a name for itself producing multi-award-winning dramas like In the Flesh, The Fades and Being Human. Tatau very much continues the channel's tradition for commissioning original, innovative and exciting drama that you would not expect to see anywhere else."
  • ROB PURSEY (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) - "It's exciting to produce a show that takes the BBC audience to an entirely new location. And it's even more exciting to explore the ancient myths of a culture that very few of us are familiar with."
  • BEN STEPHENSON (BBC DRAMA CONTROLLER) - "From the makers of Being Human, Tatau is an ambitious new BBC Three drama series that will raise the bar for viewers of the channel who have a real appetite for distinctive stories from all different worlds."
Comprising of eight 45-minute episodes, the début season of Tatau will film later this year and will première exclusively on BBC Three in 2015.

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