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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Assassin's Creed IV Hints Revealed

Could we now know the direction of the next side-story?
It's been barely a month since Assassin's Creed III's release, yet speculation is already rife as to where the franchise will head next. Today, we may just have learned the first teasers for the next instalment in the video game series via a leaked Ubisoft questionnaire. The survey asked fans whether they would like to see Connor or Desmond return in a new game, whether the idea of co-op would be of interest and whether Uncharted-esque scripted sequences in the American Revolution would benefit the gameplay experience. These first hints coincide with Ubisoft's statement in the survey that there is a new Assassin's Creed planned for the next year, so could it be that Desmond and Connor will return for a post-revolution adventure, or even that some events that occurred in that conflict for the Hathways have yet to be seen? Expect confirmation of what the next AC holds early next year. Assassin's Creed IV will hit in 2013.

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