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Monday, 5 November 2012

First WiiU Game Reviews Arrive

GamesMaster provides the first verdicts on the WiiU's launch line-up...
We're now in the month of 2012 when the Nintendo WiiU lands in stores worldwide, and as such the first reviews for its launch line-up have started to come in courtersy of the Brit Games Master magazine. First up, they awarded Nintendo Land a strong 86% score, noting there's a "heck of a lot more to it" than merely a Wii Sports-esque showcase of the WiiU's GamePad controller, dubbing it the perfect Christmas party game. Meanwhile, New Super Mario Bros U managed a slightly lower 82%, as although it's lacking a bit in innovation for the 2D platformer series, its reviewer was "surprised" by the twists and turns of the later levels and that the fun on offer here "bodes well for Mario's future WiiU outings". Positive words, then, from GM on the WiiU, but will other reviewers concur, and will people decide on a killer app launch title soon? The WiiU hits stores on November 30th.

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