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Sunday, 18 November 2012

In Memory Of The Nintendo Wii- Top 10 Best Games

With the WiiU out in America and its UK release just around the corner, we count down the greatest titles on its predecessor...
It's hard to believe that we've truly come to the end of the Nintendo Wii's reign in the video gaming industry, yet there's proof staring us in the face that's just twelve days away. Yep, the WiiU is headed to our shores on November 30th, ushering in a new generation of HD adventures for Mario, Zelda, Samus and a host of third-party hardcore franchises that are finally making their way into Nintendo's world.

Before that, though, let's take a look back at what the Wii has accomplished. The best way to do this? Recapping the Top 10 Best Games released for the console since it first shipped back in 2006. A lot can happen in six years, and that's most certainly the case here. Here's our full list of the games you should have played on the Wii...

10. RED STEEL 2- Although the Wii MotionPlus was in my opinion an underused peripheral, its potential was exhibited hugely in this brilliant sequel to the sub-par launch title. Red Steel 2 boasted beautiful cel-shaded visuals, a short but intelligent campaign and 1:1 motion controls, a true motion landmark.
9. WII FIT- For all the skepticism surrounding this fitness project, Wii Fit turned out to be a real masterpiece. The Balance Board worked a charm for the price, and there were plenty of realistic exercises employed to provide a great work-out.
8. METROID PRIME TRILOGY- The Metroid Prime games were always sure-fire classics, with the Wii exclusive third entry Corruption no different in this respect. What was so masterful about this package, then? It combined three masterpieces into one ensemble compilation that will never be forgotten.
7. SUPER MARIO ALL STARS- For Mario's 25th Anniversary came a beautiful compilation packed with classic entries in the side-scrolling franchise. From the original Super Mario to the colossally huge Super Mario World, the number of award-winning hits on offer here was too great to ever truly match. All Stars was a near-perfect Wii package.
6. GOLDENEYE 007- Well, I did not see this one coming. Rebooting and remaking the classic Goldeneye adaptation from the Nintendo 64 era was never going to be an enviable job, so it stands testament to Rare's greatness as a developer that they could make this classic title feel amazingly modern while retaining the best elements of its original gameplay and narrative.
5. SUPER PAPER MARIO- The Paper Mario games before Super Paper Mario had been varied at best, struggling to attain a consistent standard of quality. Thankfully, this was where everything changed, as Nintendo let the player switch between 2D and 3D perspectives at will to solve complex and intelligent puzzles. This really was a genuinely underappreciated platforming masterpiece.
4. MARIO KART WII- While it was rare that the Nintendo Wii truly flourished with its multiplayer segments, Mario Kart Wii and the next entry on this list stand as happy contrasts to this fact. There were tonnes of new characters, brilliant homages to classic locales and above all a near-perfect set of online systems to give this near infinite replay value. How about a single-player storyline too next time, eh, Nintendo?
3. NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WII- Expanding on the hit DS game New Super Mario Bros, this Wii sequel built on its mechanics in just about every way. The campaign was longer and more challenging, the integration of multiplayer a success, and the platforming just as accomplished as ever a Mario game was. There was only one platformer that could possibly top this on Wii, and you'll see it in a moment...
2. WII SPORTS RESORT- How do you top a launch game so original and innovative as Wii Sports? Why, by launching a sequel with the Wii MotionPlus peripheral a few years later! Resort featured 1:1 motion control and massive replay value in its variety of realistic and diverse sports games that will not soon be left behind.
1. SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2- If you're wondering where the original Super Mario Galaxy is on this list, both it and its sequel are kind-of merged at the top. It was Super Mario Galaxy 2, though, that really pulled out all of the stops to be the perfect Mario game. Dare I say it, with its completely innovative physics and massive replay value, Galaxy 2 actually managed to acquire that title, standing right at the top of the Wii's best offerings these past six years.

The Nintendo WiiU ships on November 30th, so you've still got twelve days to check these gems out if you haven't yet. Make 'em count...

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